The name of the club shall be the SHREVEPORT AREA RADIO KONTROL SOCIETY, hereinafter referred to as the SHARKS (or the Club).


The purpose of the club shall be to promote the building and flying of miniature aircraft and to aid and support, to the extent possible, the national program of the Academy of Model aeronautics (AMA). All activities of the SHARKS shall comply with AMA rules and regulations.


Any person who holds a current AMA membership shall be eligible for membership in the SHARKS, providing they are approved as members in accordance with the BY-LAWS of the Club.

A prospective new member will make application by completing and submitting a SHARKS Application Form with payment of dues and initiation fee. By signing this application, the prospective member agrees to abide by the CLUB Constitution, BY-LAWS and Field Rules. Upon acceptance, the applicant will have full privileges of the Club. All monies will be refunded if the application is not approved. The Application Form will be retained in the Club records until the member resigns, at which time it will be destroyed.


Former members may rejoin at any time; however, the practice of dropping and rejoining to avoid paying a full year membership will result in the re-application for membership being disapproved.


The positions to be held by the officers shall be: PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER and BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BOD). The BOD will consist of four elected members in addition to the PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, SECRETARY and TREASURER.


The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings of the CLUB and BOD and shall be the executive office of the CLUB.

The VICE-PRESIDENT shall act for the PRESIDENT when he/she is unavailable and/or unable to serve in his/her capacity.

The SECRETARY will keep the minutes of all meetings and keep an attendance roll at all meetings if needed, assist the Treasurer with the CLUB roster, and complete AMA paperwork as required. A running list of all completed, incomplete and/or pending projects previously approved, will be maintained and reported to the membership at each meeting as part of the minutes. Any dropped project will be reported to the membership at the next membership meeting.

The TREASURER is authorized to receive and deposit all dues and other funds of the CLUB into the Club’s General Fund, maintain CLUB bank accounts and a current membership roster. The Treasurer is authorized to pay all recurring bills and expenses, as they become due and payable, and other expenses as authorized by the BOD. All funds received and expended are to be recorded in a General Ledger and reported to the board and general membership at the next regular monthly meeting.

The BOD will conduct the general day to day business of the CLUB and report to the membership the nature of business conducted for information, approval and/or ratification as appropriate.


All officers shall serve one year terms commencing on 1 January and end 31 December of the year.


Elections will be held annually at the November general membership meeting. Nominations of officers shall be made by the BOD prior to the October general meeting and presented to the club membership at that meeting. Additional nominations will be accepted from the membership during the October general meeting. Each nominated person must be personally contacted and agree to serve.


Vacancies will be filled by appointment by the BOD to complete the vacant term.


Membership meetings will be held at a time and place determined by the BOD. BOD meetings will be held monthly and/or as deemed appropriate by the president. Meetings will be held in an orderly manner and follow any format presented by the President. All business conducted by the board will be recorded and the membership apprised for subsequent approval at the next general membership meeting.

A special called meeting of the general membership will be conducted as necessary in accordance with ARTICLE 14 of this document at the request of the BOD or by a petition to the board by a member(s) in good standing when he/she has exhausted all other options.

Such meetings will require a notice to be sent to all current members by e-mail to those members with an e-mail address or by a mailing to those without e-mail, to the address shown on the membership rolls. The notice will be sent at least seven (7) but not more than thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting and will include the purpose for which the meeting is called. The meeting will be considered to be a quorum of members present.



A quorum shall consist of 50% of the BOD present; otherwise no BOD meeting will be conducted. A quorum at a general membership meeting and a special called meeting will consist of those members present.


Dues shall be levied on an annual basis and are due on 1 January of each year. Dues not paid by 20 February will be considered delinquent and that person will be dropped and no longer considered a member, and forfeit all privileges to include use of the flying field.


Committees will be established by the BOD, as the first order of business following their election/appointment, and their terms will run concurrently with the CLUB officers for that year. It is expected that the committees address but not limit activities to areas of Finance, Fund Raising, Capital Improvement, Field Maintenance, Safety, Sanctioned and Club Events, Community Involvement, New Member Promotion, and Membership Relations.

When the Chairman and Committee Members are established, their election/appointment will be published in the CLUB Newsletter.



The Treasurer of the club is authorized to receive and deposit contributions of specially obtained funds from any source into the Club’s General Fund. The funds collected are to be recorded in the CLUB General Ledger and reported to the BOD and the general membership at the next regular monthly meeting.


Amendments to this Constitution and BY-LAWS can only be made by a “special called” meeting of the CLUB membership as outlined in Article 9.

The proposed new document(s) will be posted at the SHARKS flying field for thirty (30) days for members to review the changes. The new document(s) will be approved or disapproved by a quorum at the “special called” meeting which may be held in conjunction with the next general membership meeting.



The CLUB will be dissolved at any time it becomes insolvent as determined by the remaining members. At the time of dissolution, any remaining CLUB assets will be donated to a non-profit organization to be determined by the remaining members.

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